Jimmy & Maureen | Rivercrest Country Club Wedding

Couples like Jimmy & Maureen are the reason I shoot weddings. Extravagant weddings, expensive dresses, and 5 star caterers are all fine and dandy, but the issue is that sometimes people get too wrapped up in those things. When their big day rolls around, they spend more time stressing about making everything perfect than they do focusing on why they are there in the first place…to marry the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. Don’t get me wrong- you could tell that lots of time and effort went into planning and picking out the details for Jimmy & Maureen’s wedding (everything was gorgeous), but when their big day finally arrived they just enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure they didn’t even care that we had to bag the plan of spending almost 2 hours at a gorgeous local park taking photos thanks to the never ending rain we had on Saturday. Not only did they roll with the punches, they did it with a smile on their face. 

Even better? Jimmy & Maureen’s bridal party such a fun crew! The girls didn’t seem to mind the rain (or the fact that I had them outside in it at one point) and the guys were incredibly cooperative. If you’ve never had to photograph  a group of groomsmen who most likely all hate having their photos taken, and would much rather be inside drinking, then you might not understand how much easier they guys made my life that day 😉 




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