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I approach family and milestone photography the same way I committed to building my life: I focus on the tiny moments, the sparks of love and joy, and build from them to create something bigger and more beautiful than anyone expected. My roots are humble. Going as far back as I care to remember, I was […]

There aren’t enough thank you’s to express how grateful I am for each and every one of you. What a wonderful year! Here are just a very few of my favorites from 2016!

As a photographer, I sometimes struggle with the balance of documenting my own life, and putting my camera down so I can be fully present and enjoy whatever it is thats going on. Then there are times where I feel like I document everyone else’s life but mine. So lately I’ve been bringing my camera […]

My family and I just came back from our yearly trip to the beach. Vacationing with 3 kids is definitely hectic, and far from relaxing most of the time, but the memories are well worth it. There was some gorgeous light one evening when Nick and I were taking Nolan for a walk on the […]

I know the blog has been pretty quiet lately, but I promise there is a good reason! Our newest little guy Nolan was born on April 28th. After a failed induction 2 weeks earlier, he finally decided to make an appearance 😉 He’s my 3rd and last child so I have been soaking up every […]

Here I am posting another yearly recap! I’m humbled each and every year by my clients. You guys are the reason that I’m able write these blog posts & I can’t thank you enough! Those of you who know me know that I had my son when I was 16. Life certainly presented some challenges […]

Last week we went on our first ever family vacation! One of my biggest goals this year was to make more time for my family. My husband works Monday through Friday 9-5 and I’m often gone nights and weekends for meetings, sessions, weddings, etc. so we rarely all have time together. This year we decided […]

One of the reasons I wanted the house we purchased was because of the field directly next to it. I knew I’d be dragging the kids out in it to take pictures. I love that when I see some gorgeous light, I can walk 30 steps from my house and get photos like this. It’s […]

I think any photographer will tell you that no matter how much you know about photography, there is always more to learn. Always. Part of my job is making sure I am constantly pushing myself to be a better photographer. I owe it to myself. More importantly, I owe it to my clients.  I was […]

We had some gorgeous spring weather this past weekend! Wedding season starts in a couple weeks, so I’ve really been enjoying these last few weekends at home with the kids. Here are a few shots I snagged while they were playing in the yard 🙂


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