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This is something I’ve given a ton of thought over the past year and I think it’s time to finally make the announcement! For years I have offered the posed studio-style newborn sessions. Nothing is cuter than a little baby sleeping on a soft blanket backdrop wearing an adorable little knit hat or headband. I know everyone loves them, but the images that really speak to me are the ones of a family interacting with their new little one. Being a mother of two, the things that still stand out in my mind are the moments like our daughter sleeping on my husbands chest when we first brought her home, or how excited my son got anytime he was able to hold her. One of my biggest goals as a photographer is to document emotion & create an image that makes you feel something…not just say “Awwwww!”. My heart isn’t in waiting hours for a baby to fall asleep and then seeing how many baskets I can put a sleeping baby into, or how many backdrops and hats/headbands I can use…it’s in the real moments. So from here on out I will be only offering lifestyle newborn sessions. 

What is a lifestyle newborn session? 

It is a session that captures you and your baby in a natural environment, usually at home, just doing everyday family things (sleeping, cuddling, nursing, ect.). I will do a very small amount of posing baby by themselves with cute hats, blankets or headbands, and instead incorporate posing baby in your arms, nestled on your shoulder, or laying in their bassinet. It shows your family in a more natural way, focusing more on capturing a photojournalistic view of everyday events.

And what would a blog post be without some photos? Here are just a few examples of lifestyle newborn photos 🙂



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