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I think we can all agree that 2020 was not at all what we expected it to be. Even with not being able to shoot in the spring thanks to the shutdown, and all of the cancelled or rescheduled weddings, my incredible clients kept me afloat this year and I’m just so thankful! So while […]

There aren’t enough thank you’s to express how grateful I am for each and every one of you. What a wonderful year! Here are just a very few of my favorites from 2016!

Ohhh these two were such a dream! Keeping one baby happy can be a challenge, but Colin & Colette made my job easy that day. They even fell asleep perfectly posed right next to each other while we were waiting for their big brother to get dressed for pictures, which is one of my favorite images from […]

What a year! I had my 3rd baby, Nolan, on April 28th & went back to work when he was 10 days old. If that doesn’t prove that I love you guys & my job, I don’t know what does 😉  Thank you, so very much for being such loyal clients/friends! You trust me with […]

I loved cuddling this little chunker Liam! This was my second time doing a newborn session for the Buckley family. I photographed Liams’ big brother Blake a little over two years ago and I was so excited to see this crew again! Liam slept like a rock for me just like his big brother did. […]

Most first time moms that I know wind up being pregnant past their due date, but that wasn’t the case with Kelly. She wasn’t due until March 10th, but Alayna decided she was ready to meet everyone and arrived 3 weeks early. Having delivered BOTH of my children well past my due date, I am […]

This little guy-I could eat him up! I feel like I had been waiting forever to meet him. Some of you will recognize this family since I’ve been working with then for years. When Ashley told me that she was expecting at their family session this past summer I was thrilled! Fast forward a few […]

Here I am posting another yearly recap! I’m humbled each and every year by my clients. You guys are the reason that I’m able write these blog posts & I can’t thank you enough! Those of you who know me know that I had my son when I was 16. Life certainly presented some challenges […]

If past behavior predicts future behavior, I think its safe to say that Malachi will be notorious for doing things on his own terms 😉 Not only did he arrive past his due date (Sammi had to be induced), he also put his Sammi through 50+ hours of labor. I think he was perfectly content […]

This is something I’ve given a ton of thought over the past year and I think it’s time to finally make the announcement! For years I have offered the posed studio-style newborn sessions. Nothing is cuter than a little baby sleeping on a soft blanket backdrop wearing an adorable little knit hat or headband. I know […]


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