Carmella is 2!

A Tutu + Balloons + an adorable little girl = super cute birthday pictures. I had so much fun photographing Miss Carmella! Her mom and I were worried we’d have to postpone the session due to thunderstorms, but we got lucky and the weather was absolutely perfect! Carmella was nothing but smiles the entire shoot, without a single protest (not typical when photographing a 2 year old). Ruby, it was truly a pleasure meeting you, your mom, and that beautiful daughter of yours!

Happy Birthday Carmella!!! Can’t wait to see you again in the fall!



  1. Gayle Weber says:

    Holy smokes. Scrolling down was like watching the grand finale of a fireworks show – every photo just as stunning as the last, if not moreso. Wow. Wow. Wow. You knock my socks off, Jess!

  2. Kassie Budzinski says:

    Wow Jess! BEAUTIFUL!! Love IT!!! Great Work!

  3. Lovely Locks says:

    Beautiful work, as always! You are great at what you do!

  4. Kat Ranalli says:

    Thanks again, Jess.

  5. Kat Ranalli says:

    Still enjoying these 5 years later! Thanks for keeping them up. Hope all is well, Jess!

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