Asher & Benjamin

Rebecca and I first began chatting about a session for her boys back when they were only a few months old, and I was really excited when we were able to finally set a date for their one year portraits! Since sessions with toddlers can be unpredictable with just one child, I decided to bring along an assistant (my 8 year old son) to help wrangle up the boys if need be, and get their attention during group shots. Poor kid wound up playing his Nintendo DS a majority of the time because Asher and Benjamin were pretty cooperative. Better safe than sorry, right? 🙂

Benjamin was the calm, happy one, and Asher was the free spirit who just wanted to wander. Everyone always says that twins have their own language, and seriously…they do. The boys were on the bench at one point giggling away with each other, and I had NO clue why. It was so cute to watch though!

Enjoy some previews of these adorable little guys!


  1. Gayle Weber says:

    What a sweet family! Interesting how the boys’ personailites shine in your photos! Good job.

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