Frankie & Melissa | Hyatt at the Bellevue Wedding

The first time I met Frankie & Melissa, we spent 2 hours chatting at Starbucks. I instantly felt like the two of them had been friends of mine for a long time. Fast forward to the wedding day & I was greeted with the same warmth and kindness. On top of that, nothing seemed to phase them. Not the rain, not the fact that we got stuck in horrible traffic & would up having only 5-10 minutes to do ALL of their photos (family, bridal party, etc.), nothing. They got what they day was really about and I think they were just so happy to be getting married. I always feel pretty proud to be a part of a wedding like that. And if they day wasn’t awesome enough, Frankie & Melissa insisted on walking me out of the wedding, making sure my parking was paid for. To top it all off, they sent me home with a bottle of wine. These two are amazing, and I’m so honored to have met them!



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