Louie & Laura

THIS will always be what I picture when I think of Laura…

That’s Laura and I in 8th grade (she’s on the right) and it completely sums up our friendship. I could carry on about how long we’ve been friends, what beautiful people her parents are for providing a safe haven for me through rough times, or just how happy I am for her that she is GETTING MARRIED, but I won’t 🙂

I’ll just let you know that I was pee-my-pants excited when she said she’d be coming to visit from Pittsburgh and wanted to do an engagement session. Our morning started with coffee at her parents, then we made our way to West Chester. I could have spent the whole afternoon photographing them, but Louie had to work that night, so they had to pack up and head back to Pittsburgh. The session was a blast and I thank Louie for putting up with Laura’s and my jokes/nonsense that no one else understands! Congratulations you guys!!



  1. Bonnie Becker says:

    Loved your story & the pictures are awesome! Who would have known you would end up being her wedding photographer! We are so proud of both of you girls!

  2. Gayle Weber says:

    Beautiful photos, Jess! They look very content with each other. Nice to see another happy new start!

  3. Laurie Nemec says:

    Fantastic session!!!! Beautiful, beautiful. Laura’s eyes say it all….

  4. Lovely Locks says:

    Beautiful hair!!!! (had to throw that in there) 😉
    I feel like a broken record, but once again…. AMAZING photos! xo

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